Posthumanism is a philosophical and cultural movement that critiques the traditional understanding of humanism, which emphasises human beings’ unique qualities and abilities. Posthumanists reject the idea that humans are the only beings with value and instead explore the relationships between agencies such as humans, animals, nature and technology.

A Posthumanist is someone who subscribes to posthumanism’s core beliefs and practices. They argue that our current understandings of human nature and society are limited and often exclude non-human entities. Posthumanists propose a reevaluation of humanist concepts like individuality, subjectivity, and consciousness to include non-human actors and interactions.

Posthumanists also examine how technology has shaped and transformed our understanding of ourselves and our relationship with the world. They question the conventional boundary between humans and machines, suggesting that humans and machines are entangled and co-constitutive. As such, they challenge the traditional understanding of what it means to be human and propose new ways of thinking about the relationship between humans, animals, and technology.

Overall, posthumanism is an interdisciplinary field that incorporates ideas from philosophy, literature, cultural studies, and science and technology studies. Posthumanists aim to expand our understanding of human nature and society by exploring the complex and entangled relationships between humans, animals, and technology.

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