Transhumanism is a philosophical and cultural movement that seeks to use science and technology to enhance human capabilities beyond what is biologically possible. Transhumanists believe that humans can evolve into “post-human” beings by augmenting their physical, mental, and emotional capacities with advanced technologies.

A transhuman could be a person who has undergone significant technological enhancement, such as brain implants, cyborg prosthetics, or genetic modifications. Transhumans typically seek to achieve higher levels of intelligence, longevity, or other abilities beyond the limits of natural biology.

In the context of artificial intelligence and medical devices, transhumanists see these technologies as powerful tools for enhancing human life. For example, a pacemaker can help a person with a heart condition live a longer and healthier life, while artificial intelligence can augment human cognition and decision-making abilities.

Regarding art, transhumanism has the potential to inspire new forms of artistic expression that reflect the values and aspirations of a transhumanist worldview. Transhumanist art may explore themes of human enhancement, post-humanity, and the relationship between humans and technology. Additionally, as transhuman technologies become more prevalent in society, artists may use these tools to create new types of multimedia artworks, performances, and interactive installations that blur the boundaries between art, technology, and human experience.

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