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Black and white image of Exmoor landscape


iPhone Photography © Mark Stothard

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#Dunster Castle Under Cover

In 2006 – 2008 Dunster Castle had repairs to its roof, costing around £1 million pounds. Structural changes to the mansion in the 19th Century failed to make adequate gullies and guttering.

Infestations of deathwatch beetles were also discovered in the roof space.

The mediaeval village of Dunster within the English county of Somerset, just within the boundary of the Exmoor National Park. Lying on the Bristol Channel coast just 2.5 miles from Minehead.

The stunning iron age hillforts testify to occupation of the area for thousands of years. The village of Duster grew up around the castle which was built on the Torby the Norman warrior William I de Moyon, shortly after the Norman Conquest of 1066.

The Castle is mentioned in the Domesday Book and has been remodelled on several occasions by the Luttrell family who were lords of the manor from the 14th to 20th centuries.

Dunster village became a centre for wool and cloth production and trade. There existed a harbour, known as Dunster Haven, at the mouth of the River Avill, yet today the coast having receded is now about 1/2 miles from the village.

Dunster has a range of heritage sites and cultural attractions which combine with the castle, scores of Exmoor craft shops and tea rooms, restaurants, makes the village a popular tourist destination with many visitors arriving on the West Somerset heritage Railway.

Since 1976, the castle has been owned by the National Trust.

Ever visited Dunster or the Castle? Please do leave your comments below of your experience of Dunster and I would love your feedback on my image.

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Mark’s visitor experience score for Dunster and the Castle : 7 out of 10.
iPhone Photography © Mark Stothard

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#Exmoor Scarecrow

In the Summer sun and scarecrow doing his just at an Exmoor garden.

© Mark Stothard

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HMS Chesapeake Memorial


Photography is a great way to meet new friends, that why I hold several free photo walks each year where I travel too.

This image of the HMS Chesapeake Memorial I took on one of my English photowalks in Southsea, near Portsmouth.

This memorial is dedicated to those from HMS Chesapeake who died during the Indian Mutiny and Battle of the Taku Forts, China.

Monument. 1862. By TJ Willis and SJ Nichol. Granite, stone, and bronze. Polished granite column set on the square sandstone base and corniced pedestal, foliated stone capital surmounted by the bronze tripod and naval crown.

Base of the column has bronze relief, scroll band and dolphin heads at corner. Monument commemorates “Their comrades who fell in battle or died from disease and accident during an eventful commission (of HMS Chesapeake of 4 years [1857-61])”. It bears several inscriptions; a list of those killed and those who died of wounds in the attack on the Taku Fort, China, June 25th 1859; the members of the crew and marines who died during the commission; a bronze relief showing seamen and marines landing to assault the Taku forts, and place names Peiho, Peking, Jeddah and Calcutta and India 1857-58, Arabia 1859-59, and China 1859-60-61. (Berridge DW: Monuments and Memorials in the City of Portsmouth: 1984-: 5).

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Saint Georges Church #Exmoor

The Priory Church of St George in Dunster, Somerset, England, is predominantly 15th-century with evidence of 12th- and 13th-century work. It has been designated as a Grade I listed building.[/caption] been designated as a Grade I listed building.