Improve your photography over the Summer

Daily 10 am to 2 pm

Several dates between 1st July to 1st September



This mini-workshop is designed for people who perhaps don’t understand the basic settings of your camera and principles of photography and what to achieve more.

We meet in Minehead and spend around two hours on around Exmoor, (transport included) exploring your camera settings and the principles of photography.

We break for refreshments, (a cup of tea or coffee which is included in the price).

The final two hours are spent developing your skills in taking images, exploring in more depth the rules of photography, like the composition and leading lines.

Starting at 10 am, finishing around 2 pm

Group size is a maximum of 6 people.

  • Price £35.00
  • Photoclub members £25.00 – more info on my photoclub
  • Photoclub Joining Fee + ticket £45.00

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Friday 12th July, Friday 16th August, Friday 19th July, Friday 23rd August, Friday 26th July, Friday 2nd August, Friday 30th August, Friday 5th July, Friday 9th August, Monday 12th August, Monday 15th July, Monday 19th August, Monday 1st July, Monday 22nd July, Monday 26th August, Monday 29th July, Monday 5th August, Monday 8th July, Saturday 10th August, Saturday 13th July, Saturday 17th August, Saturday 20th July, Saturday 24th August, Saturday 27th July, Saturday 31st August, Saturday 3rd August, Saturday 6th July, Sunday 11th August, Sunday 14th July, Sunday 18th August, Sunday 1st September, Sunday 21st July, Sunday 25th August, Sunday 28th July, Sunday 4th August, Sunday 7th July, Thursday 11th July, Thursday 15th August, Thursday 18th July, Thursday 1st August, Thursday 22nd August, Thursday 25th July, Thursday 29th August, Thursday 4th July, Thursday 8th August, Tuesday 13th August, Tuesday 16th July, Tuesday 20th August, Tuesday 23rd July, Tuesday 27th August, Tuesday 2nd July, Tuesday 30th July, Tuesday 6th August, Tuesday 9th July, Wednesday 10th July, Wednesday 14th August, Wednesday 17th July, Wednesday 21st August, Wednesday 24th July, Wednesday 28th August, Wednesday 31st July, Wednesday 7th August


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