The Story and Inside the Darkroom of Legendary Photographer Edward Weston

I can only dream, however, I’m endeavoring to strive to the standard of Edward Weston in my Darkroom that I’m currently building.

This 14-minute youtube video shows how one of the legends of photography processed their photos? Here’s a tour of Edward Weston’s darkroom.

(note: there’s brief nudity).

Visiting Weston’s home with his grandson Kim Weston, photographer Marc Silber of Advancing Your Photography visited Darkroom where so many of Weston’s iconic prints were made.

From this, to this, #darkroom

Back in early summer my new office and darkroom looked like this, full of junk.

Well, I’m happy to say, an hour a day later, the office and darkrooms are now empty of junk.

The builder is coming the first week of October, in 4 weeks time, to give me a new floor, seal the walls and make light tight, ready for me to move analog darkroom and office in after services are installed.

Happy Times 🙂