Life after a Masters in Photography

Thursday was extraordinary; relief, excitement, and anxiety are just some of my feelings.

Like everyone with global events since 2020, life has been challenging. Contracting Covid three times once seriously, dealing with the effects of cancer and trying to continue my studies at university have just been some things that life has thrown into my journey.

Well, I’ve completed my Masters in photography at university, with a strong indication that I have passed— just waiting for my award.

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So what’s for me next?

My brain is exhausted; I’m taking a few months off from academic studies to tidy up my desk, take some images, and host photography workshops and guest speaking.

However, academia will not be far away, as I need to write my proposal for my doctorate in photography with research into Posthuman, Psychogeography, and Affect theory for submission in September, with January 2024 cohort.

So in a few years, maybe Dr Mark.

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